Flowers - The Art of Monsieur Claude Théberge

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Cueillette_de_marguerites2.jpg (28910 bytes) espoir.jpg (18094 bytes) Femmes_de_Mai.jpg (24776 bytes) lacommuniond2.jpg (32347 bytes) le_champ_des_marguerites.jpg (41616 bytes)
Cueillette de marguerites
"Picking Daisies"
Femmes de mai
"Women of May"
La Communion
"The Communion"
Le Champ de marguerites
"Field of Daisies"
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Le Prétendant
"The Proposer"
Le Rosier
"The Rose Tree"
Les Bégonias
"The Begonias"
Les Fiançailles
"The Engagement"
Les Trois roses
"Three Roses"
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Les tulipes blanches
"The White Tulips"
Les Roses en fête
"Party of Roses"
L'homme tendre
"The Tender Man"
Moment de tendresse
"Moment of Tenderness"
"The Bright Interval"
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"The Petition"
Visite au Rocher
"Visit to The Rock"

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In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony. -- Eva Burrows

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The Art of Monsieur Claude Théberge - Flowers

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